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9 Years
Feb 20, 2011
I got Gus exactly 1 year ago to keep the the foxes away. Low and behold there hasn't been a single fox here since his arrival. There was a hawk attack but he did the the most unusual thing. He rounded up the rest of the girls and stood in front of them in a corner garden in front of the house. I didn't hear the attack because I was vacuuming. He turned 1 on May 26. He is the sweetest most loving little guy ever. He's a purebred Decker Rat Terrier with all his papers. I just got a new job which requires a lot of travel and he needs someone who can be there for him. He'll sleep on your feet at night, knows lots of tricks, and the worst thing he ever did to chickens was sniff their butts. I'm posting this here because I've never met a BYC'er I didn't like. I'm going to miss him more than the world itself. Thanking you in advance, Preston
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Awww! he is so adorable! not cuter than mine of course but still adorable!
So sorry to hear that you need to get rid of him, he is so cute.

Unfortunately, I already have two setters and am not in the position to take on another dog.

What state are you in?
Sorry it took so long, but I'm in Colorado. I've decided I just can't get rid of him, he's just too much of a sweetheart and can't live without me. Besides I think he read my post because he's been behaving like never before when he has to be home alone. Thank you for asking and have fun with those setters. P
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