Free mystery Chick from Murray McMurray

I just got a game bird I believe from them for my free mystery chick. April 1st. It showed up messed up though. I did all I could for a couple days, then it died. It kinda acted like it was blind and death???

What did you get? ...or have you not got your chicks yet and are wondering what it will be?
Of the ones that we kept long enough to know the sex of, we had a WCBP male, Buff Cochin female, Light Cornish Female, Hamburg Male, Light Brahma male, I have never gotten an EE for some reason, which it seems is what everyone else gets. Have had a couple of orders where we also had assortments, so could not tell which bird would have been the "exotic".
Mine is a GLW, and it's looking like it's a roo-to-be. It has been slowest in feathering out of the order of chicks I received from McMurray, but I did some research, and it turns out the slower feathering gene of this breed actually increases the definition of the lace markings, so maybe it's a good thing? We'll see. I'm kinda disappointed that it's a male, but my hubby really likes it, and would like to see us get more of the GLWs. We got in RIR, BA, & WJG female chicks, 1 RIR male, and have Dark Cornish females arriving next week, along with Cornish X Rock males... with replacement BA & WJG female chicks, and another BA male coming in, and ANOTHER freebie... interested to see what it will be, too.
Our free exotic chick was a Blue Cochin. Its nearly 6 weeks old and still looks like a pullet.
Well I was reminded of their mystery chick system by the Sultan thread, which was one of our mystery chicks. When I was a child we ordered from Murray McMurray. My father was the 4-H poultry leader for several years so we made many orders. Mostly for meat and egg birds. The ones I remember:

Sultan(as stated) - Male, my first chicken with Feathered legs, my first chicken with 5 toes. He was a treat, I was probably about 5 years old when we got him.
Black Giant - Female
White Americana - Female, I don't usually suggest using hatchery chicks for show purposes but she was truly an exceptional bird. Won several awards, luck I suppose.
White Face Black Spanish - Male, enjoyed him so much my father ordered more for me the following year.
Black Langshan - Can't recall gender
Brown Leghorn - Female
Silver Hamburg - Male, Large Fowl
Black Tail White Japanese - Male

Those are the ones I remember, there were many others.
My free exotic blue cochin sprouted himself some wattles in the last few days

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