free pet roosters- anyone breeding??? in northwest connecticut


13 Years
Apr 18, 2010
winsted, ct
I have 3 roosters, 1 year old this spring. free to a good home who wont serve them up for dinner.
There's 2 buff orpingtons and 1 sexlink. At least 2 were sold as pullets - but a surprise when they started crowing, now they are loving on my hens , and scratchin em up, maybe it wouldnt be so bad if they had more space but i have a smaller coop and its just not workin out!!
It would be great to find them a nice new home with more space , they are very friendly and don't mind being handled, still young. the sex link has a little frost bite on his comb, but appears otherwise healthy. They can be picked up in winsted,ct , its the northwest corner - just a few minutes from the mass line.
I can take pictures if someone is interested.

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