Free range age?

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    Apr 23, 2011
    How old does everyone suggest for chickens to be before they are allowed to free range and will head back to their coop for the night? I have 14 week olds now in a pen and coop and my ultimate goal is to allow them to free range during the day. And advice would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    They'll need supervision at first, until they get their bearings. Best to start by letting them out just a few hours before dusk. As they show you that they do indeed know to return their coop at night, you can increase the time out by letting them out a little earlier every couple of days until they are out all day.

    Don't be in a hurry for them to go to roost in the evenings. Their definition of bedtime and yours may be different.

    Do you have a rooster? Roosters are generally an excellent addition to a free range flock. While all the hens have their fluffy butts in the air eating, the roo is the one watching out for danger.
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    Quote:Second this. [​IMG] LOL loved the fluffy butt comment. LOl

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