Free Range Broilers.


8 Years
Oct 26, 2011
Hello all,for the past 2 year's i have been working on our version of a free range broiler.I have put allot of time and money in this project,Finally i am ready to release some chick's,these chick's will range in color from cream to black,but all with the same great result's,a nice big broiler that will dress out 3-5 lbs in 12 weeks,this type of Cornish cross i made,will lay and breed with the same great result's.these type cross do not get the leg problem's and water build up problem's the Cornish cross hatchery chicks do.You can grow out to full maturity they will give you a moderate egg production,plenty for the backyard enthusiast,and even hatch there own young,I have selectively crossed 4 specific breeds to create this strain over the past 2 and a half year's for big body's fast growth and good egg production for my family and farm,these are my if the world come's to a end chicken lol jk but would be great for you if we ever do face a hardship as a country.I cannot hatch huge order's at the moment,but will take order's of 10-20 chick's and i will only be selling a limited amount,I am npip certified by va 52-250 and the chicks's will be 2.50 each in multiples of 10.
I will ship all 50 states and puerto rico.If you have any question's just pm me and i will answer them,i will post pic's this week of adults and chick's.
Thank you for your time
bayshore poultry farm.
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Nice! I am sort of preparing myself for raising meat birds. You seem to have what I want. I am thinking about ordering some. Perhaps hatching eggs?
I am hatching all the egg's right now for order's and myself,and i ship chick's if i sell eggs they would be 1.00 each and 15.00 for shipping but they may or may not hatch well,depend's how the postal service handles them.
Thank you
Oh truly wicked! You are only a bit more than an hour south of here! I would so love to pick up ten or fifteen chicks from you at the end of the month when my eggs are due to hatch, or the following week! They all get along better if they're close to the same age. Now I'm jazzed... :D

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