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7 Years
Apr 30, 2012
Hello there. I recently picked up 6 hens from a local farmer. Our main goal in getting the chickens was not to have to purchase eggs, and also to have free range non-GMO eggs. We have a pretty good sized chicken coop that had been on our property before we lived here, it even has stalls for chickens in it! We let them out in our backyard (almost an acre all fenced in) for a couple hours a couple times a day, and we also give them table scraps when we have them, usually about once a day. We also give them a bunch of mulberries which they love. When they are not wandering around our yard, they are in the coop, but still have access to outside with a run area that have free access to. We have had them for about 2 and a half weeks, and we have only got 1 egg so far. First question is when should I expect them to get settled in and start laying, (they don't really go into the stalls a lot) Also I think they are molting. Next question is could I be feeding them something that will encourage egg laying. Do I need to be feeding them something that will encourage it. I don't think they're going hungry, I just think they might need something they're not getting if we're wanting them to lay eggs.

Any help would be appreciated!

They should have access to a general chicken feed, either a layer formula or an all-purpose feed. They might not eat much of it while free ranging but they should have it available.

And since your girls free range, I'd go on an egg hunt over that acre. I'll bet you have hidden nests somewhere!

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