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May 25, 2009
I have 26 laying hens in 1 of my houses now, they looked like they really wanted out on sat so i open the run up and my 6 roos was waiting patently outside NOT my ? will i have a lot of blood spots in my eggs now that they were introduced with the roos. i hope not my layers seem happier now than ever i new to the chicken thing so i will have a ton of ?s thanks Ron
No. You will have no more meat spots because of the roos than you would have had without them. When an egg has been fertilized, it presents itself as a small white bulls eye on the yolk.

Now I've heard that freeranging your hens might cause more blood spots, which are caused by the extra protien that your chickens will be getting outside of the run. Bugs and all...
You may have turned me onto something ive been getting the white spots on the yolk now, since i have turned my hens out i noticed that 1 of my whiteleg horns has been fighting with the other roos. He/she shows no signs of it being a roo but i do notice that he/she will walk around and attack other roos, ive never seen he/she mount a hen or crow no spurs is it possible that it is a roo. thanks Ron
Well it's always possible. We'd be more able to tell with a picture. But I will say that I have a little pullet that I call Stinkerbelle for good reason. I'm sure she's a girl, but she really likes to start a good scrap every chance she gets. Even with the roos.
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