Free ranging turkeys


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7 Years
Jul 18, 2012
Stillwater , Ok
I am starting to get into domestic turkeys and would like to know if they are easy to free range? I have had wild turkeys and you can't free range them at all or they will be gone! I was just curious to see If I had feed and water out if they would stay around all day? And if I get standard bronze will they roast?
i've had black spanish/bronze crosses and i currently have bourbon reds and i've never had an issue with them straying. At my old house we let all the poultry free range on 10 acres and the turkeys never went as far out into the fields as the turkeys did. At my new house i keep them fenced in but a few times a week ill walk outside in the morning and they have jumped the fence but they never stray far from the flock. I think as long as they have been on your property for awhile they know where home is and wont go too far.

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