Free silkies Maryland


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Aug 25, 2015
Laurel, MD
Hello i have 4 silkies im giving them up for adoption i cant keep them anymore does anyone want to give this cuties a home im in the Laure area in MD
Real cute. Wish I could take them but I dont live in MD I live in the larue area but in OH. Unless I would give them a home.
How old are them?
Ooow thats unfortunate you are 6 hours from me they are about 6 months old they are really cute i just cant keep them anymore
Are they hens or roosters? Two of our six-month olds surprisingly turned out to be roosters and we are looking for more hens to add to the flock as we love our two roosters and don't want to have to get rid of either! We have been looking for silkies and are only about 30 minutes from you down in calvert county.

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