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Apr 22, 2010
Brockport, NY
I have some free to a good home babies that will soon be hatching. The dad is a Partridge Cochin ( beautiful Roo) and various moms. I have Black, buff and 2 white cochin hens along with the rest that you can see in my sig line. I have 2 broodie hens sitting on 19 eggs . If anyone is interested in them you are welcome to pick them up after they hatch out
or I can meet you part way. I live in Brockport NY
I would but I'm in Tennessee. I am looking for some cochins. Sorry though. Good luck!
Hi! You need to post them in the BSA area (look in the Index page) to give them away or sell them. The listing will get more attention there and also be following the rules.
Sorry....since I'm not selling or auctioning them I did not know I was breaking any rules. Thank you for pointing that out.
hahaha....maybe I should add that I will be willing to drive a 1/2 hour each way so that gives you roughly 30-35 mile radius from Brockport
I am interested in some of your babies. I am really interested in the Cochins and I only live about 1/2 hour away. When will they hatch? This is very exciting. I also emailed you. Your babies are very cute.

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