free young rooster, SouthEast CT

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    Jun 24, 2009
    We preordered chicks for Easter delivery. Our Silver Lace Wyandotte turned out to be a cross- half SLW and half ? Araucauna maybe? More black on head and tail, mostly white in middle. Bigger head/neck than regular chicken. Greenish legs. Kinda pretty, but "she" just started crowing and now has pointed saddle feathers and upright tail feathers. Sorry I don't have a pic right now, I could take one and try to figure out how to post tomorrow.
    This was for daughter's Girl Scout Gold Award project for supplying eggs to food pantries. She does not want the bird to go to someone for meat, because she's hand raised it, but prefers someone who wants a rooster.
    If you want it (not for freezer) and can pick it up, leave a post here w/ email address or PM me (I thik this site has PM??) and I'll get back to you.
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