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    Feb 12, 2007
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    Silly chickens.

    I've been letting them out for an hour or two a day for the past several weeks, and staying out and keeping an eye on them. Today I have to leave early, and I'm kinda busy, so I made sure there have been no hawks around so far, and I opened the door to let them out.

    Everyone came streaming out as usual, and spread out over the yard. I went inside. I looked back out 5 minutes later to check on them ...

    5 are in the corner between the run and the coop. The rest are inside the coop.

    I guess they EXPECT me to watch them now. [​IMG]

    silly chickens ...

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    Thats funny! lol

    I made a horrible mistake other day, I left the girls top door open when I gave them fresh water. I HAVE to supervise mine, we live in the city on a very busy street.
    My dh came in from mowing and asked if I had let the chickens out. I said no. He said, well they are out. Omigosh! I couldnt believe I had done such a thing and they must have been out for 2 hours.
    All they had done was taken a really nice long dust bath right up next to the house, thank goodness, and then had heard me talkin in the kitchen, so just messed around in the front lilac garden so they could hear me. Thank the dear lord they were ok. Couldn't believe I was so lamebrained. [​IMG]

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