Freezing Eggs


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
We only have 5 hens, but getting 5 eggs a day can add up pretty quickly. We give some away to friends and family, but I'm wondering if eggs can be frozen to be used for cooking and/or baking at a later time?
I've frozen cartons of eggwhites for up to six months. At the time, I was making lots of cheesecakes and had way too many eggwhites. They made terrific angelfood cakes.

Hope this helps!! Michele.
I have a friend that buys 30 dozen eggs at a time. She cracks them & puts them in freezer bags. On receipes she uses a lot she put in each bag what the receipe calls for.
Freeze them in individual cups, then pop them out and put them in a freezer bag. Be sure you break the yolk and stir it slightly before freezing or the yolk will be rubbery when you thaw it. I've heard that if you stir in a little sugar (for dessert recipes) or salt (for other type recipes) with the eggs before freezing it will also help the yolk not to get rubbery.
i spray a little non stick cooking sprat into a muffin tin and break the eggs into them...

throw it in the freezer and in a few hours i will pop them out..

if i know i will be doing a lot of baking like at Christmas i will freeze 2 - 3 per muffin tin
Huh, never knew you could freeze them! Thanks for the info

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