Freezing or canning clover to save for the winter?

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    Our chooks LOVE clover, and we have a huge amount growing on our property. However, winter will be here before we're ready, and the clover will be gone. I can harvest a bushel in a few minutes, but how can I save it to give them treats in six or seven months?

  2. The only realistic method is to sun dry it and bale/bag it just like they do for hay... Any canning or freezing process will destroy the structure of it and turn it to mush...

    You can let it go to seed, collect the seeds and grow your own indoors all winter, with a wire shelving unit and some low cost 4 foot shop lights you would probably get a decent rotating grow cycle with not much floor space...
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    Hmm Good question-I am interested in hearing what others have to say on this as well.

    One suggestion that I do during the winter for a pretty low cost: Sprout Black Sunflower Seeds and it takes less than 2 mins a day.

    1. Fill a quart jar 1/3 full of BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds) and cover in warm water overnight
    2. Next morning: Rinse in warm water and drain.
    3. Follow step 2 every morning and evening and in 3-4 days you will have tons of sprouts that they go crazy for and they have fresh greens in the winter.

    I start a new jar every other day so they get fresh sprouts every day or so.
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    Since you live in "snow country" as I do if it were me I'd dehydrate some. Do a 'test' and see if that will work for you...sounds reasonable.

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