Freezing temps and 6 week old pullets


11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
Looking at them, I would say they are definently fully feathered, EE's and Turkens. But my little chickies are only 6 weeks old and it's supposed to freeze tonight and possibly snow/sleet on Sunday morning.

They've been without a heat lamp now for about 4 nights, it did get down to 39 last night and they are all just fine.

Should I add a heat lamp for the freeze and snow? They have a big insulated dog house (with deep shavings) in their pen until they are big enough to go to the coop with the big girls. It is on the south side of the garage so the wind is totally blocked.
Im in Central TX and it has been pretty cold for the last few days.

Down in the low 50's high 40's and very wet.

I have 3 day old chicks from ideal and they have been outside in their hen house the whole time with just a heat lamp.

Was scaring the crap outta me, didn't sleep much. But they are fine.

Starting to get feathers already.


Belton, TX
That is really cold for Texas this time of year! Be glad your not in Michigan, as it is supposed to get into high 20's tonight. We had a heavy frost this morning.

They should be just fine..with the wind blocked.

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