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    Dec 1, 2016
    Hi all.

    We have got 3 small bantams and 2 micro pigs in our back yard farm. With the wether taking a turn for the worse and their water freezing what are your best homemade ideas to stop the water freezing over night? Apart from taking the water out what are you guys doing? Got a 210lt bin full of water with a few tennis balls and that seems to work but the pigs would take them out and play with them.

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    I use a cinderblock with a light bulb inside and the water fount set in a planter dish on top - but this only works down to the mid 20's. ( my water station is in the run - much different than on inside the coop?)

    A little ice crust doesn't cause issues, they can peck thru that , but with a hard freeze, we have to change the frozen water out and replace it.

    There are a number of past threads and posts on the issue - you can type in a search to locate those to see if they will work for your area.

    But whatever method you choose, you will still have to keep an eye out to make sure it really works.
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    sunflour has given a good idea.

    What we just started doing is we took a 52 watt light bulb, put it in a metal tin with a type of insulating, heat-resistant board on the bottom, and plug it in. The top is warm enough to keep the water frozen into the 20s and teens, and the sides and bottom have been staying cool for us.

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    This is my setup[​IMG]a 4 quart stainless steel Dutch oven with a 43 watt halogen bulb[​IMG]and a thermo cube[​IMG]on at 35 off at 45. GC
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    With pigs in the mix I'd use the rubber water dishes at your local feed store. Stomp out the ice and pour fresh water in morning and afternoon.
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    Sep 7, 2016
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    Is there anything we can put in the water besides salt to lower the freezing temperature of the water?

    I'm too scared of fires to have a light bulb in the coop. Ours isn't built for electricity.

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    I just lug water out twiice a day but if you can run an extension cord they have large water bowls for about $15 that kick on when temp hits freezing so it doesnt run not stop.

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