Freezing Waterer Question

Beth G.

Gaetano Family Farm
9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
New Haven County Connecticut
Hi Everyone,

I am deciding on whether or not to try a trick I've used in the past with horse buckets. I'd like anyone's input who is dealing with the same prob. we all have in winter. FROZEN WATERERS. I usually buy a can of corn oil non stick spray and spray the horse buckets. This prevents the water from sticking to freeze to the edges. I do feed an organic diet and I'm not sure if this would alter my status if I do it. What's your thoughts everyone?? I am trying to stay away from heated waterers b/c of electric bill increase and I just don't have enough plugs

It would depend on how cold it gets--at 20 below here I doubt there is much I could do but bite the bullet and add a heater.
Yeah your probably right Woodmort!! In NY State I hear that you guys get some really cold temps!! God bless you for dealing with it!! I live in central CT and it rarely goes below 0 here.
This shows what I do. I use a black rubber bowl and set it in the sun. When it freezes overnight, I just turn it over and stomp the ice out. If the sun is shining, it will stay thawed most winter days for me. I did not pay a lot of attention what temperatures caused it to freeze during the day last year. It was fine in the low 20's and probably down to the mid teens or lower. It helps that I am here during the day to check on it and cloudy weather does not help, but if you are considering a bucket, this might work for you. My overnight low last year was 4*F, if that helps.

Thank you that looks like a great Idea for my adults but, my babies would be to curious so, I am definately doing this for the adults!! I have one laying around too from the horse......Perfect!!

Take Care and thanks again for the advice

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