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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by scflock, Nov 9, 2015.

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    ok k what are you doin K?

    is it me or is that just one too many k's?
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  2. well there you are . didn't know if you were up are down in or out . you the most coming and going person I never did see. [​IMG] I have an extra nipple If you want a bottle . I have a question does everyone get the little video on the side that says WOCHIT .I' m not really into the Royals so to me its a bunch of chit [​IMG]
  3. just take the praise and don't give us no crab [​IMG]about it
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  5. [​IMG] I'm nursing and trying to figure out why they take off the stuff I like . I was getting into the WOCHIT video and now its gone[​IMG] what are you doing now
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    It doesnt bother me, at least That way i can be addressed an i kno its me.

    And how could i b mad w u? Like u need to :oops: !

    Exactly like Friday said there:

    Everyone does it for simplcity and im game
  7. Sally Sunshine

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    sitting here thinking about you at the moment. not sure whatcha wochit is
  8. Rearranging the living room and juggling boxes in the garage to get to the Christmas tree and other Christmas stuff counts as a workout, right? Especially if I (mostly) put stuff back in the garage once the Christmas boxes were in the living room?

    This is the first year that I've had to rearrange the living room furniture to make room for the tree since we've had this house. I'd sensibly arranged things so that the only thing that needed to be moved was the keyboard and stand, as well as a floor lamp. Not exactly labor intensive. Especially the last year or two, as I didn't bother to move the keyboard back. Actually, come to think of it, I think I may have had to move other music equipment, but still nowhere near the level of couch moving... Anyway, this year, a friend's full drum set is where the tree normally goes. The friend doesn't have room at his place, and he plays with Mr. P--first time in public was on the 22nd of November, and the next will be December 17, so storing the set away isn't an option... so now that couch is over there, the bigger couch got moved and then moved back when I realized that where it was was the only place that worked if I was going to have the couches in an L, that chair is there, the rocking chair is still where it was but will likely get moved once things are finalized, as it's never been in a convenient spot, and the tree is assembled and in its rough placement--Mr. P's going to arrange the music stuff and then I'll finalize the furniture and tree placement, and start decorating the tree. It's much easier to move with nothing on it.
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    Plus, if we write to MixedUp it could really be talking to any one of us! Too confusing. :gig

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