11 Years
May 1, 2008
I was friends for 6 years with a woman in a field of work that relates to mine. Over a year ago, she began confiding in me about how she was undermining a coworker. Basically, she was sabotaging this person's career over some petty crap. This type of mean behavior made me really disappointed in her & I told her so. So, when I told her that her actions were mean & uncalled for, she told me I was wrong & that I could get ahold of her when I was done being judgemental. I have not contacted her.
What I didn't tell her when we "had it out" was that the more I heard about the coworker, the more I connected the dots about some things that she had done to ME. There were times that I ended up with egg on my face & I can now see that she orchestrated this. I think she is jealous of me: I have more $, more education, I am thinner. These things matter to HER. It didn't occur to me in the context of our friendship...
TODAY, I ran across a wonderful description of The Behavior of a Frenemy, i.e how they try to make you look bad, act as an emotional vampire and such. I really, really want to send it to her. I think she needs a label for her bad behavior. Should I send this to her? Anonymous mail? An e-mail?
dont bother, really....she wont get it. JUst stay away from her...Far away..
I would'nt waste my time. Keep on Keepin' on .....
... trust me, by you NOT contacting her or anything .. it bothers her.
I might even try to find the person she's messing with and let them know what's going on.....turnabout is fair play...I think. And you may even make a new friend....
Although, if you do decide to send it to her, check out 10minutemail. It's a site that gives you an email address for 10 minutes, so you can send things anonymously, and also can use it when you sign up for something, and it makes you reply to a confirmation email, then you never, ever get spam from that company... really neat!

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