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    Does anyone give out an info sheet when they sell fresh eggs? So many people here are trying farm fresh eggs for the first time. I was hoping to find an information sheet that describes the benefits, differences in color/texture, nutritional benefits etc. I was hoping to find one on the threads. I've always given my extra eggs away, but with egg prices in Ca at $5./dz, why not get the feed bill paid? I only have 15 layers, but that's about 3 dz per week more then my friends and family can use. I could type one up if I must, but was hoping to find one that folks that routinely sell eggs use. Any input would be appreciated.
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    I tend to email some of my customers when I have eggs available and I have included some fresh egg facts in those emails from time to time. I really just googled "benefits of free range eggs". Perhaps you could try the same since everyone may raise their birds a little differently. Just search what ever words describe your flock and see what you find (benefits of: fresh eggs vs. free-range vs. organic, etc.)
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    I made a trifold that I tape to the carton with each carton that I sell to new customers. I just touch on the freshness aspect - I figure if they didn't know how much better these eggs are than store bought they wouldn't be at my door in the first place, so that's kind of beating a dead horse. I do talk about the care the girls get, with a couple of photos of the coop, and the fact that they are allowed to free range in the yard as much as possible.

    I also make clear that I do not prewash the eggs. I tell them to do that just before they use them. And I bring up the ugly facts about the possibility of an occasional blood spot or meat spot in an egg - what they are and what they are NOT, and that although unappetizing they can be safely eaten, with or without removing them. I think that one factor grosses people who have not had backyard eggs the most - it still gives me the heebies and I know what they are and I'd hate for someone who has never encountered that before to be surprised by it! I don't sell eggs by the dozen. I sell by the 18 pack. I reserve the dozen sized cartons for our home eating eggs and for eggs to give away. Most of the time folks who have been given a free dozen will come back for more later.

    When I have pullets newly laying, I know that the egg size in my cartons will be all over the chart. I don't like to take the time to put all the like sizes of eggs in each carton because as each egg comes in, I write the date on the fat end of it. I also pencil in the dates of the respective eggs in each carton. So I always toss in a free dozen when I have a lot of pullet sized eggs in a given day's carton.

    Now, mind you, I'm not going to make money this way, and I don't care. I don't even care if I break even on the feed, although that does happen most of the time. I live in a town of 600 people and there is a chicken coop on almost every block. So I compete by keeping my price low, throwing in those free dozens when the eggs are small, making sure that I acknowledge and explain that not every egg will be perfect inside, and by making sure they know that the eggs they are getting are unwashed. I like the way I do it, and as I'm getting more and more repeat customers it's become clear that by having a clean environment for the chickens that folks can see from the street and nice looking eggs I come out ahead. I even have two customers who just come into the house, get what they need out of the fridge, and leave a post-it note with how many they grabbed and the money on the table when we are out of town. Works for us.
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    When I had eggs to sell, I simply gave away the first dozen and let the eggs speak for themselves. Every single person I gave eggs to in that manner bought more.

    Hey, I figure if it works for the drug dealers, it should work for me, right [​IMG]?
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    I also just give away half a dozen or so. I wouldn't mmind a fact sheet if it were succinct, but most people who want them already know, and those that dont, won't be swayed.
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    I've given away a few half dozens so far to folks that have never had fresh eggs. I think something like @Blooie has, that explains the darker yolk, the more stand up white, the harder shell and yes...the occasional blood spot might be helpful. I'll try to put something simple together, maybe ya'll could add to it?

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