Fresh Eggs with No Air Cell


10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
I was candling few fresh eggs of Bantom & Pheasent and I was surprised to see no aircell in couple of eggs, do you think they will hatch or should I remove them form bator ?
Very fresh eggs will have no visible air cell. This will change in time.
I see. Thanks for the reply.
Is there any other way to identify a good or fertile egg while purchasing from someone you don't know, I have a low success rate of hatching with market bought eggs. I know the bulls eye method to check the fertililty but you know while pruchasing from market it is not possible to check every egg.
Air cells on fresh eggs can be really hard to see. Turn the egg so that the light shines sideways through where the air cell should be. It's usually not quite centered, so rotate to egg to look from all sides. If you don't see an air cell, set it anyway. It's probably there, and you'll see it later as the egg starts to lose excess moisture.

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