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  1. I gave my stepson some fresh egg about 1 month ago. He said'" Can I eat them?" I said,"Of, course, silly. They are better than store bought!" Last night he came to visit. He said" You know those eggs you gave me were an odd color and had blood spot in them." I couldn't believe it about the blood spots, since I NEVER found any in mine and the other people I give them to haven't found any. So I tried to educate him on fresh egg color, etc. But he is too set in his ways! His father said," No more eggs for him, we have plenty of people who want really good eggs!" I agreed! [​IMG] Merry
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    Hah! I can't wait for fresh eggs. But I do have to admit that 20 something yrs ago my sister had 7 hens up in No. Jersey, a beautiful place. My husband and I went to visit for the weekend. And when we left she gave us 1/2 doz fresh eggs. When we got home, we both looked at each other and said - maybe not, and threw them out! I could kick myself now, but I was only 19 and easily eeked out.
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    I cut my own parents off. I gave them some eggs and then like a month later they were all still in the fridge along with a whole bunch they bought from the store. My mom basically said she didn't want to eat them because they came from my chickens' butts. I guess the store ones don't? Oh yea that's right they come from the Easter Bunny.
    You can try black oil sunflower seeds to help with the blood in the eggs. It's not that big of a deal. The eggs are still edible. I'm sure someone else can give you a good scientific explaination of why it happens.
    Definitely save you eggs for people who appreciate them!
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    LOL! I have to admit, one of hubby's friends gave us some eggs a few months ago. I don't know what kind of chickens he had, but the eggs looked a little blue. At first I was like, um... should we eat these? But we fried them up and OMG they were DE-LICIOUS! I'd known I wanted chickens, anyway, but I think that REALLY made up my mind that we would get them this spring. What an unbelievable difference!

    It's sad that we've gotten so far away from where our food comes from, that when we are forced to really LOOK at the source, we kinda aren't so sure we want to eat it! I still have that reaction with my garden (LOL, stupid I know). I'm so paranoid about bugs in the veggies!! (I don't spray them, and sort of rely on natural predators)
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    I love my fresh eggs. I've taken to eating more eggs since I purchased my pullets! What a difference! Even DH was converted. He now has "Fresh Eggs" to woo even the darkest of hearts at work and is beginning to see the benefits of his new popularity....people just all of sudden appear at his office with empty egg cartons....hee hee DW planned that one!
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    People can be so annoying. I've had people go nuts with excitement when I offer them fresh eggs; they're my buying customers. I've had people give me that dubious look when I offer them, take them home, then come back raving about them, but never offer to buy any. I've given gifts of eggs to my farmer neighbors in exchange for favors they do for us, and, again, get that dubious look (Huh????).They're the ones that I wonder whether or not they take them home and then throw them out! I have one friend who is contemplating getting chickens of her own, based on the fun we've had with ours. She told me she has never had a real egg, and wasn't sure what to do with them! My favorites are on the extreme ends; my brother's large family who eat the eggs as soon as they come in the door (lol); and my dear husband who refuses to eat eggs from our free range chickens, because of what they eat (bugs, worms, etc) [​IMG]

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