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    My DH & I just started getting eggs from our RIRs and when we had enough for breakfast, decided to fry them up. We generality like our fried eggs with the whites firm & the yolks runny. Since the whites of our eggs stay together much more than store bought eggs, we realized it took a lot longer cooking time to get the white firm. Meanwhile, the yolks had also cooked until firm. We generally fry our eggs in a little butter. Is there some trick to getting the whites firm while keeping the yolks runny when frying fresh eggs?

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    I "pop" the white with the edge of the spatula to get them to spread so they cook all the way while the yolk is suitable for dipping.
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    Quote:That's what I do, after I flip them. Runny whites freak me out!
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    Yup, and you could use an old chef's trick - use a little more butter in the pan, tip the pan a bit and spoon the hot butter over the whites - chefs do that when sauteing breaded fish and want it all golden and crispy on the outside but tender and moist on the inside.
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    This is the only way I eat my eggs..
    we call then Sunny Side up, Eyes open and ..

    So I have the oil, (I use olive, but I'm sure butter taste better) Pan on med, add a bit of oil, add eggs..

    Add about less then a 1/4 cup water.. not on the eggs, but beside them.. lid on right away.. The steam cooks the whites.. They cook faster then one would think, with the lid on..

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