Friendly and non-friendly hens?

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new to chickens, only had then since April, I have 5 we bought from Tractor Supply (2RR's & 3 supposed to be black bantams but if they are they way bigger then my Reds). Anyway they have great personality's, friendly. Then I bought 5 from My Pet Chicken and they are about 14 weeks, a mix of Easter Eggers etc. I picked breeds that are supposed to be friendly, well they are not. Not only are they not friendly they are....for a better word, chickens [​IMG] and another problem we let them out during the day for the last week and they are afraid of the bigger hens still. Will they ever like each other or us?

    Thank, Vicki
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    This too shall pass. I don't mix little birds with adults until the younger ones are at least 16 weeks old.
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    The friendliness is a little related to the breed, more related to the personality of the individual chicken, but mostly related to the amount of time you spend with them and handling them. I one time had a mean chick grow up to be a nice adult. So I suggest lots of treats, handling, and treats. [​IMG]


    BTW- Welcome to BYC

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