Friendly Chicks/Chickens?

Handle them a lot and feed treats.
What kind of treats do you feed chicks?? Do they have to be a certain age before you can start feeding them treats? I have week old chicks.
Mealworms, cottage cheese, yogurt (they love it mixed into their starter crumbles), leafy greens, string cheese...and anything else yummy you can think of.

You will want to give them a little free-choice grit for small birds but otherwise they should be fine

Keep it up and they are going to be doing the happy chicken dance every time they see you!

Have fun!!
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Start handling your one day old chicks from day one. My little girls would hop on my arm or my daughter's just to be petted. (They were probably just trying to get closer to escaping the brooder, but I'm gonna stick with the story of they wanted to be petted!
) Treats can even be starter crumble fed from your always tastes better than that from the feeder! You can start feeding them grass, greens, crickets, etc young, but you will need to offer chick sized grit with it so they can properly crush it.


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