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10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
Lost a good friend on Saturday, and wasn't notified until sunday.
He was in Texas at the time...Heart failure due to aortic aneurysm.
He was scheduled to be here this summer.
But now he won't be coming home for a visit.
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I understand your feelings of loss. In the past two years, two of my apparently healthy friends died suddenly of massive cardiac problems. My Mom, who lived to be 97 said that the hardest part of growing old was the fact that so many of your friends precede you in death. Losses like this just show us the need to indicate to our friends through words and actions how much we care. Take nothing for granted we only have this moment for sure. Strangely enough I find that as time passes memories of lost friends return during times of joy and remembrance of good times shared. Hojpefully your feelings of loss will be replaced by memories of good times shared.

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