Frizzle cochin bantam? Lavender? Blue? Roo? Pullet? I love this game!

Imma Okie

8 Years
Dec 2, 2011
Well here I am again. As usual, this is about a farm and ranch store chick. You know the kind. The impulse purchase. "It will die if I don't get it." chick.
Nuf said. I have no clue what this cutie is, as my daughter got it for a companion for her rescued chick (that was nearly dead at TSC). That chick is the Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam cockerel pictured. As you can see, he is doing well. They both are about 8 weeks old, give or take a week.

Are those muffs?

Color of feet?

The blue isn't showing up well. In different light the blue really pops.

No wattles...but look at that comb!

And finally, his/her best friend, the Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantam. He is already trying to crow. They are stretching and rolling around in the grass.

So, what do you think? Cockerel, pullet? Breed?
Looks like a he.He is a porcelain d'uccle bantam.

Porcelain d'uccle

Yup, x3. Porcelain d'uccle rooster. I have one too. :) Aren't they great?
WHOA! What?

Thank you all!
I am bustin' out the chicken breeds book. Who knew?
He is so sweet and ....NEEDY! He will climb under his buddy the Japanese bantam. He needs love. A lot of love. They are so fun to watch.
Did your chicken turn out to be a rooster because I wasn't convinced of that
He absolutely was a rooster! He grew into a beautiful porcelain d'uccle rooster[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]. Sadly, one of our rescue mastiffs snapped one day and Mr. Frizz met his demise. That dog never bothered the chickens before, so we were surprised that he attacked him. The dog now lives at another foster home without farm animals. It's a forever home, so that is a happy ending![/FONT]

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