Frizzle eye problem

Egg Crate

9 Years
Oct 13, 2010
Hi All,

Our bantam Frizzle, Phylis, has an on-going eye "problem" that does not want to heal. The eye itself looks fine, it's the area just below her eye (lower eye lid?). From the time she was a mere chick she has had what appears to be a minor injury that will not heal. We think she was pecked there when younger but we have not noticed any pecking going on now. The eyelid just won't heal. She may be scratching it herself but I watch her pretty closely and don't see her doing so. The wounded area looks like tiny little pock marks in her lid about the size of a grain of salt but when clean we can see no bleeding or tissue damage. The area seems to continuously leak a little clear fluid, attracting dirt that messes up the feathers on that side of her head & neck. We wash the area with Saline Solution to try and keep it clean as best we can. She's very friendly and just sits there while we clean her eye & feathers. Is there anything else we should do? She's been this way since June.

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