Frizzle Friday is *TODAY* and I am soooo excited!


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Mar 2, 2009
I am very excited about this hatch! I set frizzle eggs on Saturday, May 15th... so hatch day is this Friday, June 4th... just a few days away! I got 16 Bantam Cochin Frizzles from byc member Fay at Frizzled Feathers and 12 Bantam Polish Frizzles from byc member TurtleFeathers. Both of these sellers have such gorgeous birds... I couldn't resist! Both sellers sent extra eggs and both sets of eggs were packaged perfectly, arrived quickly and not one broken egg
. I candled at day 10 and then again at day 17, I waited until day 17 to toss any eggs (just in case I missed anything). On day 17, I tossed 4 of the 12 Polish eggs (3 were clear and 1 had a blood ring) and 9 of the 16 Cochin eggs (8 were clear and 1 had a blood ring). It was sad to toss so many eggs... but, I realize that is just how it goes sometimes with shipped eggs. So yesterday, I went into lockdown with 8 Polish and 7 Cochins. My incubator is a Genesis 1588 and this is my 4th hatch. My temperature and humidity have been great the entire time. I am on pins and needles... I have my fingers and toes crossed for a nice healthy hatch... come on Frizzle Friday!
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It is my hatch day
... so far this morning 1 cochin and 2 polish have hatched out, are fluffing up and doing great... plus 2 cochin eggs and 1 polish egg have pips. My sweet little son was worried about something being wrong with the polish chicks heads... I had forgotten to tell him that they have vaults.
Like you need more chickens? LOL!!!! I totally understand, though.
I'm trying to refrain myself from buying more hatching eggs. We'll see after this peafowl egg incubating thing that I'm dealing with atm.
You had better post pics of the babies!
You know I really not need any more chickens... I barely have room for the ones I've got! This is my last hatch for the year though... and I mean it for really real this time.

I just saw another pip!
Hey there LareePQG! Sadly, Nan (my broody hen) wouldn't settle into the nesting box / broody set up. She kept flipping the nest and broke the test eggs I put in with her. So, nope, I'm not giving her these babies - I'd be too afraid she would "accidently" kill them with her nest flipping craziness! She's still poofed up like a turkey... but, I think my moving her (even though it was for her own safety) messed things up a bit.
Still hatching this morning... the count is now 3 cochins... 3 polish... and I see 3 more pips!
Picture Day! These are thumbnails - so you can click them to see the larger pics if you want. Sorry the pictures are a bit fuzzy... wee little chicks are tough to photograph. I can't wait to see who frizzles...

The Polish Frizzle Bantams...

The Cochin Frizzle Bantams...

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