Frizzle Marans?


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
Riverside, CA
Is it possible that I just bought a frizzle marans? Is there such a thing???

Here it is with what I think is a BCM. Am I right?

What I think is a wheaten Marans hen. Some had very distinct dark wing feathers. I was hoping that those were the males.

And the two Welsummers

I had a great chicken buying experience today. The guy was super nice, had hundreds of chickens of all different breeds free-ranging on his farm. My only concern is that I didn't do a great job picking the chicks. What do you guys think?
I haven't heard of any one purposely breeding Frizzled Marans. I have heard though that due to (I think) humidity and temperature conditions some chicks can look like they are frizzled.

ETA - Love your wheaton by the way!!!
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I am kicking myself for only getting one Wheaten! I can't really have roosters where I am. Actually, I am not supposed to have chickens at all, but I like to bend the rules. I tried to contact the guy to see if I can get some more of those wheatens. I think that they may be my favorite chicken overall!

Rockpile - It is humid here (I live in GA), but do you think that one would be affected and the other not? Actually, it was the only one with feathers like this.

Tiss - GO Dawgs!
Any breed can be "frizzled" It's just the degree to which it is frizzled. I have a chick running around whose mother is a bantam red/blk/blue (not sure what's in there) and who 's father is a big Cuckoo marans. The chick looks like the cuckoo pattern. Not sure if it's a pullet or roo, so won't know what color eggs it lays if it does at all.
I do know that whatever the mother is, it's recessive cuz the same hen laid and egg that hatched a Delaware patterned chick. And within the same time span. So she was laying eggs fertilized by two roos. She 's a tramp but I love her.
I suppose it would take some work to get a Frizzled marans that laid super dark egg though. I'm to old.

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