Frizzle missing many feathers

Linda Hawkins

Dec 17, 2020
Good morning,
I picked up a Frizzle/Bantam cross that came from a place with 8 roosters. She seems so frightened, and she is almost bald from their abuse. Is there something I should do to help her skin whilst she is bald as she re-grows feathers? Her small wounds and irritated skin is mostly healed. She is not laying eggs and after the last couple of weeks she is starting to get closer to the family of Bantams, that I have. Unfortunately the rooster runs her off. She is good with keeping out of the heat. I have paired her with my disabled RIR. This helps keep her from being lonely at night but she still wonders off alone in the yard, by day. Is there something that I should be doing for her skin?
Frizzles have the most beautiful or the ugliest feathers depending on their cycle. The do win alot of ugliest chickens, or the worst molt contest. Her feather stage will pass. The father to my avatar, was the UGLIEST bird. He looked like he had no pants, and was chasing hens in that manner. I set eggs he fertilized, and then put him down. After I hatched my avatar, i was wishing I kept him, because all his babies were this pretty.
I second the hen saddles, I have two hens with them on (Their feathers are already growing back!) Also if she's red that the saddle doesn't cover I like to blue coat it. I also mix feather fixer (50/50) in with their layer feed and feed high protein treats
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Feed her chick feed or flock raiser/all flick to give her extra protein to help regrow feathers. It's good for the rest of the flock too, add oyster shell on the side so the hens can take as needed

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