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    We incubate eggs each year for our preschool and we never know what we are going to get from the farm (we love surprises!). This year one of the wee ones started getting crazy curled feathers which after some research seems to be a frizzle. I'll try to post some pictures this weekend but have a quick question about her feathers. Her belly is completely bald and doesn't show signs of growing anything. Is this normal for frizzles? She is almost 5 weeks old. I'll be introducing her and another chick to a year old hen that was pecked out of her flock (keeping my fingers crossed that they love each other).

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    Quote:Yes, it is normal. I breed frizzled seramas, and curlies need more protein and more time to feather out. They are the result of mating two frizzleds together, so they have two doses of the frizzle gene instead of the usual one. Some have "spikey" feathers, while others have really tight curls...They develop more slowly than their siblings. When grown and bred to a smooth feathered bird, all the offspring will be frizzled, as compared to the usual 50%.


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