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    Itook this article off so to make room for my exlanation of the modifying gene in frizzles
    please scan down and read of any breed.
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    ANSWER Frizzle is the BREED, the kinds of frizzles are breed type such as Cochin Frizzles, Jap Frizzls, Rock Frizzles, Silkie Frizzles and Naked Neck Frizzles and
    on thru the breeds. Also there are Sabastopol Geese. They are the only frizzled feathered waterfowl.There are frizzle breeds in large fowl and bantmas.

    Um, no. Cochin is a breed. Japs are a breed. Silkies are a breed. Within those breeds you can have "frizzles".

    I understand what you are saying, but what you're saying isn't right. I think you should rewrite this answer so as not to confuse people.

    Frizzle is not a breed in and of itself, it's a gene. FYI.​
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  4. That's not right...
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    Folks, please be constructive and helpful in your corrections.

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    Quote:Seriously... I asked a question in your other topic before...

    Are you saying frizzle is a reccessive? as the word "smooth with frizzle gene" meant just that.
    That is misleading.

    Frizzle is a breed on it's own where I am, and they do breed 50-50 frizzle and smooth.... now if you breed a double dose F,F to smooth feather then you will get 100% frizzle.

    The importance of smooth out of GOOD QUALITY LINE is in the feather type, loose feather/ thight feather will not breed you a good frizzle, you need a medium length and wide feather to get a show quality frizzles.

    .... but, those qualities can also be achieved by selecting feather type on any breed of chickens, and when you mate them to a frizzle, you will get a good show frizzle.
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    With my limited knowledge of genetics, if most breeds of chickens, at times have "frizzled" feathering, I'd say it is a genetic trait in the DNA of each breed of chicken, and not a "breed" per se, but a "type" within the different breeds. And by breeding the "Frizzle types" together, you get a higher chance of the gene expressing in the offsping.

    Any Chicken Geneticists out there???? Someone who can tell us with some degree of authority on the queston of... Is it a trait with in all chickens, that gets "turned on" in some and not in others? And what the percentage is of the expression of "frizzle" feathers in any particular breed. Are some more prone to "frizzle" than others?

    I Googled Frizzle Feathered Chickens, it sounds much like what happens in the AKC with a "new" dog breed. Someone decides to breed different types of dogs together seeking to have certain traits expressed in the offspring. At first, it is not considered a recognized "breed" by people who decide/judge such standings in world of dogs.

    Then as time passes and the "hybrid" dog begins to "breed true" and the "inventor" of the new breed developes a "standard" of appearance for that particular "hybrid." The newly developed "breed" begins to increase in number in the population. They are then recognized as a "breed" in their own right. Though, they may at times have offspring that show there is still some of the original genetic material that can express, making that particular animal "unacceptable" for use as breeding stock, because it doesn't conform to the developed standard for the new breed.

    Much like people with curly hair, all colors of hair can be curly. And if two curly haired people have children, the odds of them getting curly haired offspring are higher than if one parent has a history of nothing but straight hair for many generations.

    Any of that make sense??

    From what I have learned, all the common "breeds" of chickens today were manipulated by man to express certain traits that we found desirable.
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    Frizzle is just an autosomal dominant gene mutation.

    frizzle x frizzle = 25% smooth, 50% frizzle, 25% over frizzled
    frizzle x smooth = 50% smooth, 50% frizzle
    smooth x smooth = 100% smooth
    over frizzle x over frizzle = 100% over frizzle
    over frizzle x smooth = 100% frizzle.

    Frizzle is also a breed on it's own in UK, Oz and NZ.
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    where is OP...?

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