Frogs... Some one else here has to keep frogs? Right?


11 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Malta, OH
Here is some of mine.... if I get this picture thing to work right.


Female malaysian leaf frog


Black eyed tree froglet


Bakhuis Mountain male


extremely obese Azureus


Callhuaga Valley green tivattus


female leucomela
WOW! Really neat, their colors are amazing. I don't keep frogs any longer, but when I was a kid, I rode my pony down to the river, collected a bunch of tadpoles and grew them out in a water hole. It was awesome. They were leopard frogs. They could recognize certain people too, they wouldn't jump in the water if I approached, but with other people they hopped right in for cover!
Really cool frogs. They wouldn't last long around here. My ducks and chickens love toads and frogs!
We do have a snake, gecko, skink and a tortoise though.
Pic my kids took in our yard. Maybe I should leave out the pic of the duck with the toad. Alot of people on facebook took offense when I posted that one.
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Those are really amazing frogs !! I love toads and frogs. I don't "keep" frogs or toads, but we have a lot that live around our place. The toad in the pics below has lived pretty much on our front porch for at least 3 years (it might be 4 years now, but I can't remember). I have toad houses made from clay flowerpots all in my flower beds. Mr. Toad, my porch toad, has a flower pot on the porch filled with leaves, and a bowl of water right outside. He uses his water bowl as a swimming pool most days.


Awesome frog pictures! I would love to have a planted aquarium some day with some poison dart frogs. We have a bunch of very colorful ones in the animal lab at college. Someday I'll own my own place where I can have whatever pets I want! until then I am at my college campus's mercy.
I love frogs and toads! Thank you for sharing!

I've always wanted to set up a tank with some nice darts, or a trio of red eyes, but have never had the chance. Maybe someday!
i dont have any, but one day id LOVE an aborverium with red eyed tree frogs
i LOVE LOVE LOVE tree frogs, especially the red and black eyes, so your little froglet makes me go SQUEE!
Wow your frogs are awesome!

Just recently I have considered getting a frog or two. I think eventually I'd like a red eye tree frog and/or a waxy monkey tree frog.

Just amazing creatures!

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