From city to FARM...our story


Jun 20, 2020
Decided to start this thread maybe it will start something maybe not, but it keeps my mind busy with everything going on today in this crazy world we live in sorry so long. I've been married for 11 years now and since we've been together my husband has said I want SPACE! No neighbors I dont want to see the next house near me and so forth. Both of us lived in the city...I thought yeah ok sure whatever you say. Then we started out for our first home. Some in the city, some wayyyy out there. My first question was always where is the nearest Wal-Mart? One day after seeing so many houses we pulled into one that was set on 21 acres about an hour and half from our jobs and families before even going into the house we looked at eachother and said this was it. Well a year ago this last month we moved into our first home. I can say its been an adventure. We have never had chickens, knew nothing about them. The previous owner left 3 for us, he also was kind enough to leave his horse...umm never have I ever owned a horse being a city girl. Sure I've been on vacations and gone on trail rides. Now your telling me I own a horse and 3 chickens :eek: I can say its been an adventure we have added 10 other chickens to the flock. I have loved them and I have been mad at them. I have conversations with them and sometimes I think I might be a little crazy because ill walk away thinking they know exactly what I was saying. I'm saying all of this because when we started this chapter in our lives this city girl with her husband, and son in tow and wondering where the closest Walmart was doesnt matter anymore. The moment you take a step back and see what you have outside and your home you have and the people you surround yourself with is what matters. Yes we drive an hour and half to work daily ONE WAY, yes we drive that long to see family but when you come home to this its an amazing feeling. I am inspired to start raising chicks and start hatching our own. I hope all of you keep in touch on this post. Thank you for reading. View attachment 2372040
Beautiful flock. Looking forward to more stories!

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