From Indianapolis, seeking to raise allergen free chickens or eggs


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Mar 1, 2011
So, I'm debating on raising chickens, but am hoping to find someone that raises chickens organically without wheat/gluten, soy, corn and other things so we can see if we tolerate the eggs. We have many many food allergies and we even react to what the chickens are fed when we eat the meat or eggs. I have a feeling the only way for us to eat them, is to have our own chickens. I want to try, but at the same time...I'm SOO busy making all our food from scratch and everything else, that I don't know if I'll keep up. I have a toddler and I'm sure he would have fun with them. :eek:) We have a small yard, but I think we could realistically have 2-4 chickens. I've not done ALL my research, but do plan on letting them free range to a degree and feed them millet, flax and scraps. Maybe some spirulina or some other sort of seaweed. I'm very new to all of this! I did grow up on a farm, but we had recreational animals. :eek:)
Any help, guidance or information would greatly be appreciated!
Thanks so much!!
After reading this thread of yours I know there is corn in the bird seed we feed our chickens so I guess that wont work. We are just getting started as well but if I can answer any questions let me know

And some people (like my little cousin) are allergic to eggs.
Have you had a full panel to see if that may be the case? It just would be a huge disappointment to research all about feed, possibly build a coop, form bonds with the chickens and then not be able to eat the eggs.

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