From Silkies to Meat Chickens? Funny

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    I posted yesterday about how to tell silikes apart in a bantam bin at TSC. My DH had to go and pic up some feed for my brooder babies and i wanted silkies soooooo bad [​IMG] but i havent had a chance to hatch any yet so i went with the easy way...TSC. This place is evil. My DH cant resist any chicken.

    So, I get a phone call...they dont have ANY bantams and they are trying to get rid of the last shippment. There are BA, RSL and then there are meat chickens. I tell him no way. We have no coop ready, no run ready..."I dont care, no, no, no hunny" [​IMG] So, he comes home with a big smile (he should have gotten flowers) and of course, I knew what he did. He purchased every last one of these morphed creatures. [​IMG] my DH " Well, he wanted to get rid of them and he said if i took them all he would give them to me at .70 a bird plus a free bag of feed, plus half off the other feed so really we didnt pay anything for the birds, just the feed we needed anyways....) Me "fine, whatever, so how many did you get" [​IMG] I am thinking 15 at this point...then he tells me he got 43!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 43!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What am i going to do with 43 meat chickens...he says eat them...Duh!
    So, I proceed to move my brooder birds out to their new coop (thank god it is done) get them all happy, Clean and disinfect the big brooder for the meaties. This takes all day! [​IMG]
    So, my DH brings in 5 boxes of chicks...5 boxes of chicks...he opens them...and they are sooooooooo cute! I wish i didnt have to eat them now. Yes, they stink but i brooded Turkeys for 6 weeks in my laundry rooms so meaties cant be too much worse in the garage. My children want to name them and i told them they have names...Alfredo, casserole, BBQ...they didnt think I was funny.

    So now on top of my hatch, my layers, teens, tweens, my babies, my turkeys and my roos...I have meaties bringing my new grand total to somewhere around 180+ [​IMG] ...........

    Need a chicken???????? [​IMG]


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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hey......the man got a bargain! [​IMG]
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    I have like 9 chickens (6 which are chicks) and he thinks thats too many.
    Youre lucky!

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