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    Jan 29, 2015
    Hi, I live in Grand Rapids/Kent county. The lot line adjacent to my house is a flood plane and I live on a mostly wooded lot. Grand Rapids is thinking of a 2 year trial period for backyard chickens. I'm not confident the owner of the floodplane will consent to me raiding hens, they house old people on the land on the otherside of the flood plane. I'm pretty sure I could have a coop and some hens without raising a ruckus as the nearest neighbor on that side is at least a hundred feet from where the coop would be...I think I will use the pilot years for research. A coop is a big $ investment for me, and I know I will get very attached to my birds....But, would you notify your neighbor and get their consent-risking their refusal-to file an application for a city permit, or just slide your babes under the canopy in their play-house style coop and hope for the best...
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