From the feed store home, how do I keep them warm


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Sep 11, 2010
We are 80 miles from the store, and I want dh to pick up some cute little wyandotte chicks today. When we go chicks before, they came with their mother. What do we do to keep them warm until he gets here?
Depending on how many your getting, you could bring some kind of bedding and a box small enough to keep the chicks close together. They get their warmth from body heat of each other and the smaller box and bedding will help.
Probably depends on where you are. It's 92 here today - so I'd wager they'd be fine if I were driving
I'm thinking I'll have him get 3, and its cold here (40), but they could ride in the truck with him. I just don't think he'll want to snuggle them.
You could always fill a sock with rice, heat it in the microwave, and then it stays warm for a while. Hot water bottles work, too. Of course, cover up hot things so they're not too hot if the chickies stand on them.
If you have either a "plug " in your car (some newer ones and trucks/SUV's do) or a converter that plugs into the lighter then into a regular plug, you could plug in a heating pad and put it under the box or in it covered in shavings.

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