frost bite???

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    I have 8x12 coop 14 chickens total! great ventelation, poop boards n my litter is dry , i have a weather station monitoring the humidity/ temp which has been in the 60% humidity but iur temp at night is dropping to low teens at night. contractor plastic over the outside run and hay on ground outside, and things have been going great!! My chickens are treated like a King and 13 queens!! today i wake up and my batam rooster tweedle dee has a black line across the middle of his comb!! I clean the poop boards daily, check them all multiple times a day during egg collecting and water changing his comb was not like this at 5pm yesterday!!! i am so upset...i put vaseline on all their combs and wattles this morning and found 2 ri reds with milk white on tips of their combs. i'm thinking is also start of frost bite....HELP!! 1st winter and i thought i was set up for success!! RI winter blues. Any advice?
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    It's always humid here, in and out. It hit -19F last winter and I didn't have problems with the big combed hens but all the roosters were frost bitten. Some lost a lot of their combs and part of the wattles but they survived. Just be watchful for infection.
    I think the Vaseline is supposed to be as a preventative rather than after the fact.
    I also think below 15-20 is the critical temp with higher humidity depending on the size of the combl

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