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    Nov 30, 2014
    I believe our rooster has a good bit of frost bite. I noticed one day that he had some large discolored (dark) spots on his beard (is that the waddle?) And his comb had a few black spots and at least one blistery looking spot. After some reading, I decided to keep an eye on him and leave him with the hens unless there were signs that they were pecking on it or signs of infection. Today both areas seemed puffy and blistery- like his beard look more like partially inflated balloons rather than the typical deflated look. I decided to bring him to isolation and get some Blue Kote on him. He is in a cage right now, but charges the door when I try to open it for food and water. Now that I have blue kote on it, should I try to put him back with his ladies or hope that he relaxes a bit and keep him inside?
    Coop info:
    We have been trying the deep litter method in the coop with pine pellets, but with several days with below 0*f temps, the bedding froze and we've been unable to turn it, but have added dry pellets & most recently hay to the top. Until the temps get up a little, I'm not sure how to dry it out anymore. I believe we might have a 40* day coming up, in which we will scoop things out and start over....

    none of the hens seem to have it.
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    Aug 19, 2014
    Get warm water (well hot but not burning)and pour it on his comb/wattle.
    Keep him warm.
    Good luck.

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