Frostbite, and running away

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    Okay, so my NH red, Milly is starting to really concern me. Any time i go near her (even if they're all in their pen, which is about 10ft X 5ft space that's about 5ft high. There's only six of them, so they have plenty of space, plus a little playground for them to perch). She runs away from me like her life depends on it. If she's outside it's almost impossible to catch her. Other than the barred rocks, who will let me catch them eventually, she freaks out whenever I go within about 10 ft of her. What am I doing, and how can I get her to stay calm?

    On the subject of frostbite... Milly, and my barred rock, Kate have the longest combs. Milly has black spots on her comb, and white spots on the tips. Kate has the rough white tips too. I tried putting Vaseline on their combs (my mom read it in a magazine on raising chickens) it helped a little, but yesterday, I noticed that parts of her legs are bright red. We have a heat lamp on a timer that turns on around dusk. They're only seven months old, so my dad wants to get them used to the cold. They have plenty of food, plenty of water, plenty of love, and whatnot... So how do I fix the frost bite? (Yes, this is our first flock)

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    Some chickens are just harder to handle than others. About all you can do that I know of is bribe them with treats, repeatedly. You could try putting it a few feet from you then the next one a bit closer til, hopefully, they take it from your hand.

    Frostbite is more a matter of humidity than heat in most cases. You probably need to turn the heat lamp off and increase the ventilation. Read here (by a Canadian member:)

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