Frostbite yet again! Help!

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    my sebright roo got frostbite on his comb yet again toghnight. despite the fact that he was in a box with a heat lamp over it (i found him not in the box so he may have been out the whole night) and he had petroleum jelly on his comb and it didnt stop it from getting frostbite. it also didnt go below 6 last night!!

    what is wrong with him! how can i stop it! Please Help!
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    Is that 6 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit? If it is Celsius, you are probably not dealing with frostbite. That petroleum jelly should have stopped frostbite too. I'm not at all sure that you are dealing with frostbite.

    I don't know your set-up. Most frostbite problems are caused by too much moisture in the coop. If the air in the coop is pretty dry (which you normally get with good ventilation) most chickens can handle 6 degrees Fahrenheit without frostbite. If you don't have good ventilation, they can get frostbite with the temperatures just below freezing. Many people in cold climates have stopped frostbite problems by opening up the ventilation in their coop that was closed up too tight to start with.
  3. Something else is going on here. 6 Celsius is 43 degrees. No way there's frostbite at those temps.
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    6 degrees celsius. it might be moisture problems i dont know his comb just keeps on being purple in the morning and going back to red in the afternoon. only the tip of his comb is permenantly black
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    he has been eating fine and isnt acting weirdly. his crow is good. it has been quite damp here lately so it could be moisture. my other sebright roo's crow is sort of hoarse but its its been like that for the month and a half ive had him. he hasnt had any problems though.
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    That is not frostbite, maybe poor circulation in his comb but frostbite does not come and go. Some combs will have dark spots or the tips will be dark, but they are otherwise healthy. Frostbites causes the affected tissue to turn dark, harden, then fall off.

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