Frostbitten comb question

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    My roo showed up yesterday morning with dark purple on his comb and his wattles swollen and beginning to be purple. I read everything I could find on here about frostbite.

    We put a heat lamp in their coop and I vaselined his comb and wattles. His wattles look like they got wet when he drank and then froze. Today the temp is much higher, but it doesn't plan on staying that way. His comb now has red spots on the tips where it looks like it is recovering, but there is a band of yellow-ey kind of tissue between the normal part and the purple part.

    I know pics would help, but DH has the camera at work. WIll his comb recover?? If it doesn't what should I look for as signs that it needs to be dubbed?? I really don't want to do that. His comb is very pretty. He's a leghorn sex link I think. Any hints and advice would be appreciated!!
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    Mar 31, 2008
    Keep him in the heated coop a while and the vaseline should really help. He should recover. They have beautiful combs. My leghorn had the same thing and she has recovered. I keep a close eye on it though and have to apply more vaseline just in case.
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    If it's "purple" like lack of blood flow, then it could recover. However, if something was really frozen, the tissue will have died and will turn back in a week or so and shrivel a bit when necrosis sets in. As long as the dead tissue doesn't get infected, he should recover, but if he becomes lethargic and looks like it is hurting him, you may consider removing the dead stuff.

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