Frozen chick- A story of survival :)


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May 8, 2008
Sharpsburg, MD.
I have four broodies going right now. My rosecomb hen had the first hathlings this weekend and my columbian hatched out a mottled yesterday evening. I checked on it this morning and all was fine... more eggs should be hatching today and tomorrow. I went out again this afternoon and it was GONE!! I mean gone. I looked everywhere in the coop and almost thought my roo ate it when I started thinking maybe the hen got down already and the chick made it's way outside... so I went clucking around the yard calling to it..

I was just about to think someone stole it when I nearly stepped on its limp body. I picked it up and started rubbing it and I saw a gasp!! It was cold... like 40 degrees cold. I ran inside a cranked up the bator and put her in. It's been a half hour and she's perked up and peeping. I cannot believe it. What resilience!

It wasn't breathing when I picked it up... Im completely amazed. Anyone else have amazing chick survival story?
There is a dvd you can et all about chickens, a womans chicken went missing overnight in the freezing snow, she found it the next day, brought it inside warmed it up and gave it mouth to mouth and it came back to life.
Freaking amazing. It's fully recovered and inside the coop under momma. I did close the door so they cannot get separated again.
Wow! Naughty little chick. If he's capable of toddling off from the get-go, I think you're going to have to watch that one!

Glad it worked out!
Wow, amazing - Ty for sharing!
Its funny we were just discussing how resilient birds are. Like this story, but also with our birds going out, eating from a compost bin (for example), eat horrible things, root around in the barn yard, but give them one grain of food that may have gotten wet, they can die from Coccidiosis.
Look at this little bugger, for sure a goner!!! yet look how your quick thinking, brought it back to life, amazing!!!
AAAAAAaawwwww- good job!!!
this may be what your talking about...there is 6 parts and there are multiple stories going on at once they just go back and forth. i think this story is in the first couple parts. you tube does have all six parts and its pretty neat/funny.

Msbear I went through the same thing almost about 4 weeks ago. I found one of my 8 week old chicks had wondered to far from momma. He was limp and barly hanging on. I found him I think just in time I ran inside and put him under a heating lamp. Within 2 hours he was back to normal.
I was at horse camp and found a chick floating in a bucket of water. I took dryed it off and put it under a heat lamp with some food and water. It was barely breathing when we found it. And she is now a full grown hen. We gave her away a few months ago. She was a very pretty hen. -Jay

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