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    I go out to the coop today and I have 6 frozen and cracked eggs. Does that mean all of the eggs are frozen? And how would I know if they were frozen if they didn't crack? Would they still be good? The hens all seem fine, its 7 out today and I don't put heat in the coop. So whats your opinion?
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    I'd scramble them and give them to the dog (or the chickens) if they are cracked. If not cracked, I'm eating them.
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    Eggs can be pretty close to freezing and not be cracked -- I picked one up last night that wasn't cracked, but as soon as I picked it up it cracked in my hand! You can use the frozen and cracked ones if you use them right away -- the yolks may be somewhat solid (and this doesn't change during the cooking process, but they work fine for fried or scrambled eggs). Or cook them and feed them back to the chickens. It's been at least as cold here as where you are and I've had more frozen eggs the last few days than unfrozen, so the chickens are eating well!

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    I got a few in question..I think they were frozen but not cracked yet! I also was blessed with a broody hen so if they lay in her nest box they are just fine by the time I get to them![​IMG]
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    May 21, 2009
    I have the coop heated to 35 degrees F. using deep red heat lamps(2). So no frozen eggs and no drop in egg production so far.
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    Found yesterdays eggs this morning right where I left them in the barn last night while feeding and blanketing the horses. The eggs were not cracked but i was pretty sure they were frozen.

    I remembered that the way to tell if an egg is hard boiled is to spin it while it's on its side. Uncooked eggs won't do that because the insides are not solid. The frozen eggs spun around like hard boiled. After an hour or so on the counter I cracked a few and you couldn't tell that they were once frozen.

    Hope this help people take the mystery out of are frozen or not.[​IMG]
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    If you are worried about the eggs being cracked but you are having a hard time seeing the actual crack, you can candle them and it will show any deformities in the shell.. Just something i learned when i was incubating.. [​IMG]

    Goddess [​IMG]

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