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  1. Got a new shovel - wide with a flat bottom. Went to clean out the coop today and the poop was frozen! Quite a number of frozen piles of poop. Rather than chip away at it with an ice pick, I will wait until it warms up.

  2. azygous

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    I hate dealing with frozen poop, too. I'm well aware my chickens are just fine in sub-freezing temps, but I like to clean off the poop boards each morning, and it's more work when it's frozen to the boards.

    So I solved the problem by using oil filled electric heaters in each of my two coops to keep it just above freezing. I can also store the waterers inside as well as cleaning supplies, knowing they won't freeze.

    It makes cleaning on a fifteen degree morning, while not a walk in the park, an easier chore than trying to hack away at frozen poop.
  3. I am now afraid I am waiting for the spring thaw!
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    The half inch of sand mixed with PDZ on my vinyl lined roost boards facilitates removing frozen poops pretty well, most of them don't stick too much.
    I use a cut down garden hoe to scrape...and hammer where necessary, just gotta watch the sharp corners of hoe when hammering.

    Coop floor has vinyl under 3-4" of pine shavings...nothin much sticks there either.

    Am really glad I set it up like that.
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  5. Good news. It was 6° celcius today so I managed scoop the poop!

    It did not take long to thaw enough to shovel.
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    As long as it is frozen, it is just an eye sore, but if the piles get deep and it thaws, it can really let off the ammonia. I am waiting for a thaw now!
  7. aart

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    Was abut 18F(-9C) here yesterday, poops popped right off the roost board, then rattles into the bucket.

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