Frozen treats

Jan 22, 2022
So my mom said I can't waist all the canned corn and fruit so I'm going to try freezing their grain bit I will still give them some grain when I give them the "treats"
Hello! As long as treats don’t make up more than 10% of their diet, it is alright. Do they have constant access to their regular crumble? What do you mean by their grain?
I have an article about this-

Berry&Herb Chicken slushie

Berry&Herb Chicken slushie

How to make your own chicken Slushie? Here we go!!! Ingredients: Water Berries ( I used currants) Herbs ( I used mint, thyme and lemon balm) Other things you need: A bowl A freezer Step 1. Fill up a bowl with water...
Another potential recipe for using specifically their feed is to add some water to a cup of feed and let it get soggy. Some chickens prefer this wet feed and this technically also makes it easier to digest and they are able to absorb more of the nutrients.

But to your question of freezing their feed, I expect no issues to come from this. Might even be a nice way to cool them off slightly in the hot summer days.

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