Frustration thy name is sexing quails


6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
Ugh! A few weeks ago I was sure that I had 2 males and 1 female. Then my female started laying eggs and I had 3 within 24 hours. I know which one is the male because I saw him mate with the one that I thought had been laying eggs but now I think that the other male is actually a female. I am horrible at vent sexing and my male only crows in the morning when I am not looking. I decide to sit out there this morning and watch. I figured I would see something that would help me decide which sex the he/she was but nada. The only thing I noticed is the one unknown sexed quail was pacing around the cage. It would stop, ruffle the feathers for a second, and then move on. It is eating and drinking fine. I am frustrated!!! Lol!
Well I think I have it figured out. I tried to sex the unknown and I felt what I believe is an egg

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