Frustration with finding sturdy blank egg cartons / boxes

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    Mar 5, 2015
    Hello everyone! I am having a hard time finding sturdy pulp egg cartons, especially in a dedicated half dozen size. The "pull-apart" dozen boxes are very weak, and with larger eggs, one half can tear off if the customer picks the dozen up by one side. When pulled apart into half dozens, large triangular gaps appear on one side of each half box. I also use the dozen pulp boxes in the 3x4 arrangement and find them very fragile and difficult to get the tabs to close. I see sturdy, closed half dozen boxes both holding eggs in the markets (like whole foods) and on websites in the UK but I can't find them available here except at boutiques like Williams Sonoma as part of a gift set (expensive) and on Etsy, sold as gift boxes (also expensive, close to $2 each, and shipping time is almost 2 weeks).

    I am about to go to the plastic round half dozens, which I don't think are as environmentally friendly but I am hoping someone here has some experience finding a supply for sturdy blank half dozens or sturdy, gap-free split dozens. I currently have dozen boxes from and the split dozen from I am not happy with either, seems to sell a half dozen box that doesn't have the big gaps but they have been out of stock for a long time; I did send an email just now asking about them.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Apr 6, 2014
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    I may not be of much help , but here is 3 cents worth. You mention that the cartons when cut in half are slightly flimsy. When customers pick them up, they may fall apart in their handling. Try this. When you fill a half carton, tape it around with clear packaging tape. The kind that is about 3 inches wide. It will look neat and the carton will not fall apart. One time around and the tape will look great with no wrinkles. The tape is very reasonably priced. When the peeps get their eggs home, they cut the tape and its all down hill from there. HOPE THIS GIVE YOU SOME POSSIBILITIES.


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